The Split Jaw Multi-Stop Reversing Unit is a solid state electronic device that will automatically run a trolley from one end of the line to the other, while making as many stops along the way as desired. When the reversing unit senses a total lack of current flow, it does a test to determine if the trolley has reached the end of the line or is at one of the intermediate stops. The unit will then select the appropriate delay time and then the trolley will either continue on or reverse direction.
Operation: The timer starts when the Split Jaw Multi-Stop Reversing Unit senses a lack of current flow. Therefore, travel time and distance traveled between destinations are not relevant. The only exception is that a minimum of one second is required between stops. The two buttons control the amount of the time delay. By holding down the appropriate button the timing will ramp up or down. The settings will be retained when the unit is turned off. The delay time is shown only while the engine is

200–B1 Point to Point Reversing Unit



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