Prototype Spotting Features:

  • Body 1, Type 2 End (Low Brace End with Vertical Brake Wheel House, with rectangle cross brace)Vertical Face on Bolster
  • Low Mounted Air Tank
  • Trough Hatch
  • Toggle Lock (Outlet Gate)
  • 11 Running Board Supports Riveted Outlet Gate

Features of the model as appropriate per prototype: 

  • Meticulously researched and designed
  • 2 different running boards (11 or 17 supports) – etched brass
  • Etched Brass Crossover Platforms (with individually applied supports)
  • 5 different Ends (bracing variations) 
  • 2 Different Outlet Gates (Toggle Lock and Spiral Cog) 
  • Investment castings for capstans (end of gates) 
  • 2 Different Hand Brakes (conventional and “High Power” Ellcon-National 
  • 2 Different Reservoir Positions (low for truck mounted cylinders and high for body mounted cylinders) 
  • External brake Rod on cares with body mounted brakes cylinders (including levers)
  • 3 Different styles of trough hatches (smooth, slash, “V”) 
  • Micro-Trains trucks & couplers
  • 2 Bolster/Jack Pad Styles (flat and sloped faces)

455693 N-Canpotex Potash Corp PTEX



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