The Pulse Smoke Generator for retrofitting. This smoke generator may be retrofitted in most of the steam locomotives on the market.
The smoke is produced according to the steam chuffs. The 19 unit barely consumes 0.2 (0.5 with 5V) Amps and produces a remarkable amount of smoke. 
A special feature: 
the smoke unit may be set to Diesel operation by a DIP switch setting. The synchronization pulse may be produced by a wheel pulse generator or by a eMOTION decoder (XL Motor Decoder or XLS Sound Decoder). 
Two versions of smoke generator are available:
5Volts and 19Volts. 
The standard version (19Volts) suites the Massoth eMOTION decoders (including LGB®). The current draw is only 0.2 Amps.
In case your decoder does not provide a suitable powerful output, the 19Volt version is recommended.

Pulsed smoke generator



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